Stream of Consciousness: April 9, 2018-0

The two humans stood there as he opened his eyes, they had been standing there all night staring at him. Adam didn’t know it though until he opened his eyes in the morning.

His eyes didn’t open all at once, they cracked slightly letting in shafts of the morning sun. Two human forms, brightly outlined human against the sun in his eyes, stood at his feet. He shot off the bed of ferns like a cat jumping for safety to a tree. What came from his mouth wasn’t language in words as such, but more guttural; fear.


Instinctively he landed a fighting stance on his feet clenching his right fist in a punch while extending his left arm to fend off the danger he saw in front of him. Adrenaline was coursing through his body and his chest heaved in breathing.

The two humans, watching from the minute he turned his head down to sleep till the moment they were in now, looked neither astonished nor afraid. Just there, just stood there staring at him.

It was then he realized the light in the sky, the man, the conversation wasn’t a dream. What had brought these two human beings to him was real. And he knew then that a guiding force had been placed in his life and had been established. These two beings a covenant with that force.

“Damn, why are you two standing there like that, you freaked me out man.” He said.

Neither responded.

“Can you understand me?” Adam asked of them both.

When this question reached their ears, as if some primordial programming was executing, both humans eyes changed from dullard emptiness to that of increasingly understanding. They continued standing there for some minutes, their eyes becoming more filled with light of thought with each passing second until one said to the other: “We are here.” And the other said back “Yes, we are.”

The here they all found themselves at this brisk and bright morning was a fork leading off on two distinct trail heads into the foreboding forest. Adam knew where each of the two trails lead, and he also knew which choice was clear. The two humans, according to plan, had become his companions on the journey to the castle. He was to use them with whatever powers they possessed to help him along the quest.

It was as Rebekka had said, he had come to the fork in the path and now he would walk it. In the distance, somewhere, a woman waited for him. That thought raced through his mind drawing him to follow the path to her. Since he had awoke this morning, he his body was being drawn down the path as if there some force was reaching out, he could feel another mind, another body, he could feel fear that was not his.

“I should give you two names.” Adam said.

One of the humans was male, the other female. Neither of them apparently knowing they were naked. They male was decently muscled, somewhat paunch standing a tall five foot, close to six. The female, slightly rotund with a full figure came up shorter by a full six inches. Both had brown hair atop their heads and pubic patches of the same color.

Clothing had been left at their feet the night before.

“I’ll call you Seth” he said to the male, “and I’ll call you Sarah” he said to the female. “Pick up your clothes and put them on.” Said Adam.

“Are you hungry?” Adam asked.

Seth said “Yes, I am very hungry”. Sarah spoke up “I am too” she said.

“Well then. We should forage for some food.” Adam said.

With those words, Seth took to the forest grabbing nothing more than a sturdy stick and Sarah followed with nothing more than her hands.

A short time later, they both returned. Seth had killed and dressed a small wild-boar and Sara had gathered up wild eggs and berries she carried in the fold she had made in her tunic. She had also found a gourd on her forage and filled it with fresh water and herbs for a breakfast tea.

“Well I’ll be.” Said Adam gathering the food. He stirred the embers with fresh kindling and wood to make a good fire for cooking. Then he threw the boar on the fire and put the gourd near the heat. Soon, the three of them sat there on the trail head eating boar, drinking tea, and consider the path before them.

Seth and Sarah grew strong quickly in their new bodies. Soon they had discovered each possessed skills and powers that complimented the other. Why they had become flesh in male and female form, Adam speculated that their sexes represented his own Anima and Animus, the male and female qualities every human being has. In the womb, humans start female turning male when the mother’s body baths the fetus with testosterone. As humans develop, every man retains a piece of the female quality, every woman retains part of the male quality.

Adam learned Seth was a master of weapons, Sarah a master of spells and matter. Powers they themselves learned of only after time. Sarah said their knowledge grew like expanding spheres in their minds. First a small point of an idea, growing to fruition the idea would expand fully releasing its knowledge into their minds, then the sphere would gently pop and another would begin.

This process had been going on in both their minds since the trio had started walking down the path that morning. At this rate Adam figured the two of them would each contain enough knowledge to fill a world of libraries, enough skills to create anything they needed, enough powers to conquer any foe. At least that’s what Adam was hoping for, and as long as they had time to develop those skills.

Unfortunately it looked as if their education would be put to the test sooner than later. That path had abruptly ended. In front of the trio a the path entered a cave. To either side of the cave’s opening the forest had become thicker, thick enough that to leave the path in search of an alternate route would prove nearly impossible, the cave opening itself carved into a sheer slab of solid stone. The stone too slick to scale with no hand holds, and high enough that considering all the choices, into the cave looked to be the best path of choice.

Seth carried with him the sturdy shaft he had slain the boar with that morning, and with Sarah’s mastery of the elements, Adam asked that she create fire to illuminate the cave’s darkness.

Once inside Adam realized it was more than a cave. It was a labyrinth of corridors. Like a house of mirrors, the corridors extended and crossed each other in a dizzying array of geometrical patterns. The walls of each passage hewn smooth, mirror like, making it difficult to tell if what he looked at was a path forward or a wall of illusion. He looked behind him to find the exit, hoping they could back out the way they had come. Though it may be difficult, cutting their way through the forest thicket would certainly be better than navigating this maze. But the entrance was itself lost in the maze of the walls and mirrored surfaces.

The three of them stood there in silence, Sarah’s light magnifying off the mirrored walls. Off in the distance a sound comes to them. A freakish scream, like that of a person tortured in the worst way of a twisted mind. The sound carried such pain that shivers like bolt’s of lightning shot through Adam’s spine. Never had he heard such a sorrowful sound. No living creature could make such a devilish, hellish sound, yet it must be alive, for the dead would have found more peace in hell than what he heard in the voice of this beast, this creature, whatever it was. Somewhere in this maze whatever made these ungodly sounds waited.

“Okay guys, here we go” he said. The trio moved forward into the labyrinth bathed in Sarah’s light.

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