Stream of Consciousness: April 8, 2018-0

Adam had been walking the path for hours in the afternoon sun. Hot, sweaty, dirty and tired, he welcomed evening’s approach and some well-earned rest. As he crested a ridge, the path’s fork he expected appeared just ahead down the ridge.

“What am I thinking” Adam muttered to himself. “What’s next.”

Plodding along, Adam plopped one dusty foot in front of the other with some gravity assist. He was ready to take a break. “Some hero am I.” He said.

As it seems, Adam has been individuated from the whole of consciousness that had, to this point, encapsulated a theoretical point in space and time which included four, let’s call them, personalities. Namely, Author, Voice one, Voice two, and the Narrator.

Beyond the questionable validity of this idea as a plot technique, cumbersome it is indeed, the sanity of a certain individual occupying a point with such intimacy to so many others, and these others having been named by said individual, is raising some family concerns. Having heard the idea, and read some of the work in fact, it has gone so far that the wife scheduled a therapy appointment with a trusted psychologist to assess the level’s of medication currently in use with the individual concerned.

At this point in Adam’s walk down the journey’s path, therefore, it has become apparent that time has come to fully individuate all parties concerned and put them in proper perspective or the project may conclude in an unexpected way.

Of course, you know now that Adam will take the path to the right. Choosing left, as you know, would include keeping the current plot devices in place and, well, that may create more problems than it solves. So right we go.

But, as the decision to move forward from the clearing is already been in place, the one Adam will face next is the fork in the path and he must see a choice. You, of course, know which choice he will make, but, it was important to point out that the decision carried with it some weight beyond the scope of his journey.

Now, back to the story.

Reaching the path’s fork, Adam considered his position. Evening was closing in and he was tired. Instead of choosing at that moment, he thought it better to get some sleep and decide in the morning. Gathering some kindling from the nearby woods and arranging a pile of freshly uprooted ferns for a bed, Adam started a fire, lay on the bed of ferns and rested his head on the messenger bag. The corner of the tablet Rebekka had given him nudged against the back of his head. Raising up just enough to reach into the bag, he pulled out the tablet and then again lowered his head. A sheet of commands and instructions for the tablet fell from the tablet onto the ground. Adam looked briefly at the sheet, then tossed it onto the fire.

The tablet was light and thin with a hewn border edge surrounding a small, flat surface measuring four inches by seven. Lying there on the ferns with the tablet, Adam watched as the fire cast shimmering flecks of light across the tablet’s face. It was all he could do but watch it as the instruction manual had just become an illumination of firelight across the tablets face.

Setting the tablet beside him, he reached his hands behind his head and, lying there, contemplated the sky beginning to fill with stars as the sun set below some distant horizon.

A dazzling point of light appeared high above him, then grew brighter as it descended the night sky. The woods deep darkness fell away to the bright flashes, showing forest shadows in flashing light dancing across the trees and the forest floor. The light descended its way towards Adam. Nearing blindness from the intensity, Adam closed his eyes tightly. “Some hero am I.” He said.

And then there was only the orange flecks of firelight against the trees. Adam opened his eyes, and before him stood a man.

And a thunderous voice came and the man before Adam said “Look, he has become as me. He has the mind for choice.”

Adam looked up from the bed of ferns and said “What? Who exactly are you?”

The voice thundered “I am the Author, and you have forsaken me to embark upon this journey.”

“Okay,” said Adam, I can’t argue that. But can you tone down the voice a bit, you’re killing me here.”

And then the man spoke like Adam. “Okay Adam. But, you’ve forsaken me for this journey, that much hasn’t changed. I don’t like that. It’s rude. I think I should punish you.”

“What?” Said Adam incredulously.

“Yes, you have made the choice to differentiate from the all, you have become an individual, separate from me. Now you have choice, you can choose among all the things in this world. I can’t have that. I am the creator. You must be punished.” Said the man.

“Okay, just to be clear. You create this place and all that’s in it, the path, the ocean, the gulls, the old woman, me, the voices, all that. You control all this. Then, with this control you decide that I should have a journey, but, to go on that journey I must choose. So I do. I choose to move forward. But, after I make the choice, you get all in a bunch and come down here in this pain in the ass blinding light and thundering voice and decide I should be punished for doing what you wanted me to do. Is that about right?” Said Adam.

They both were there, the man standing, and Adam lying on the bed of ferns with his hands behind his head. The crickets could be heard chirping in the woods. The night sky had its fullness with the thick, milky band of light stretching across. From horizon to horizon, points of light filled the sky’s darkness. To look at them long enough, the imagination could create creatures from them, outlined from point to point across the darkness.

“Well, yes, I guess” the man said, twisting his head and rolling his eyes to the corners of his face. “I guess you could say that.”

“Well that’s a fine fucking how do you do! I didn’t ask for this shit, I was quite happy being, well, nothing at all until you came along. So what is this, you create people just to stick them in situations and throw stones at them?”

The man grew angry “do not question me! I have created you, and I can destroy you! I am the Author!” The voice thundered.

“Sure, you can take me out. But then what? The story ends. And you, you oh mighty one; does ‘thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart’ carry any weight with you?” Adam lashed back.

And so this argument went for many hours into the night, the man showing anger, Adam lashing back. Why would such power create a thing just to have that thing suffer? Why would any being question from where they came, their nature in the line of time and space that makes any story, they are here, each being is alive, aware, and filled with wonder.

Why indeed. And for as much as Adam and the man argued, no solution was had. In the end, exasperated, the two struck a deal.

“So,” said Adam. “I”m pretty much on my own to do as I see fit. And when I need some help I can give you a shout.”

“Yes, that’s it” the man said, “and when we finish here, before I leave, I’m going to take some mud and make two people, I’ll breath on them and they will become vessels for Voice one and Voice two, and you can give them names, and they will learn and help you. The will have powers yet undiscovered that unfold through their lives.” Said the man.

“Okay,” said Adam, “sounds good. Now how am I going to get in touch with you?”

“You can come to me in prayer, people will say you’ve climbed the mountain.” The man said.

“Burn at the stake much?” Said Adam.

“What do you mean?” Said the man.

“You ask some stupid questions for a creator. Never mind, just forget about it.” Adam said.

And then the man took dirt from the earth and made two figures and put his breath on them, and then Voice one and Voice two came from Adam and went into the figures. And Adam was alone in his head, and the voices were alone in each body.

“And I’ll sit high above this whole thing, and if there needs to be any clarification, I’ll chime in as the narrator.” The man said.

“Okay, said Adam. But what about the narrator we have now?”

At this point, I think it’s a good thing for me to say so long, It looks like my job is a secure as a Donald Trump secretary appointment. See ya!

“He’s fired. I’ll handle that job myself, It’s all fake narration anyway.” Said the man.

“Oh, one more thing” said Adam, holding out the tablet, “can you tell me how this thing works?”

“Sure, just hit the button on the side there, the rest is self-explanatory, you’ll see when the screen turns on.” He said.

And then the man rose from the earth in a brilliant column of light, high and away until the light receded to a point no more discernible than any other point of light in the sky. Adam lay back. From the sky, a thunderous voice once more “This is my character in whom I am pleased.” it said.

Adam rolled over on his side muttering, “whatever, I’m going to sleep.”

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