Living Well In A Disordered World: Wellness Focused Mental Health

If you asked me the best single word description for bi-polar disorder I would say disorder sums it up pretty well.

Most days I deal with disorder like a mathematician deals with solving the unknown from a series of abstract symbols, or a musician finding the perfect blue-note spot in a melody line. All the trouble you felt finding it melts away in a sense of satisfaction when you get it.

You don’t always get it.

Bi-polar disorder is always making a new melody and uncovering a fresh series of unknowns. That’s the way of being bi-polar. But it doesn’t always win, meaning living life with bi-polar can be rich, rewarding, and filled with joy. Bi-polar is simply an illness. Just like diabetes, heart-disease, high cholesterol, and asthma, it can be managed.

Not So Common Life is my answer to questions from people looking for help to understand bi-polar and what it’s like to have this particular mental illness.

From this series of writings and blog posts I hope you can find a way to see life in a healthier, happier way for you and everyone your life touches.