Five Books Every Writer’s Tool Box Should Have

Tool Box

Whenever somebody puts out a must have a list of things somebody else should have to do any thing, you should be suspicious. This list is no different.

Having said that I’ll say that three of the five books I am about to suggest you add to your writer’s tool box usually don’t show up on the radar screens of people writing such posts. I’ll also say I am not an affiliate here trying to get you to put some money in my pocket. (I wanted to add that because that’s something I’ve seen happen too many times with such posts. I also reserve the right to change that should this post go ungodly viral. Hey, I’m human.) Continue reading “Five Books Every Writer’s Tool Box Should Have”

Online Tools for Writers

I’ve published many web articles over the past twelve years I’ve been writing. During that time there have been a few online writing tools that have helped me along the way. When I started walking down this path I had to learn a lot about writing, and the fact of the matter is I’m still learning. I think writers are always learning. That’s what’s nice about the job.

In this article I want to show you a few things that can save you some time and help you write better, maybe even make some money. Continue reading “Online Tools for Writers”

Good Writing Tools for Writers Who Write Every Day

I have been writing for many years now. Long enough to appreciate the heavy-duty word processing and writing tools like Scrivner, WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, and Libre Office for their strengths, and their weaknesses.

Each of these word processing tools has been up on my desktop many, many times. I have watched them evolve through the years as they adapted to the needs of what I’ll call professional writers. Those people who have taken to the internet in search of fame, fortune, or just a few bucks spinning words into copywriting, content writing, short stories, and even fiction. Continue reading “Good Writing Tools for Writers Who Write Every Day”