Mowing The Lawn

Jerry Szczhepanski lined up his yard tools on the driveway every Saturday morning at 10:30 am.

The Sthil lawn edger sat next to the open garage-door just behind the Buick, followed to the right by the Craftsman hedge trimmer, the garden hoe with Szczhepanski written on the handle in marker, the Snapper Ninja lawnmower, and the rake, in that order.

This procession of implements had been carefully planned years according to the order of sequential manner in which they would make the owner would ultimately clean with the broom and collection pan, which for some reason, remained hanging on the garage wall until the last yard implement had been placed neatly back in its outlined position in the garage.

Jerry was getting ready to mow his lawn. Continue reading “Mowing The Lawn”

Oakland X

Everyone carries a little boy or little girl with them through life; everyone was younger than they are now. (Games people play, p.8)

They were no different. Her little girl, his little boy, and now they would grow older seperated by the miles and time.

He would return to Michigan and live his life, she, Arcadia and live hers.

They would have their own children, give those children their own fears, and then let them loose into the world better or worse prepared than they had been.

If all goes well, they will make different mistakes, and those mistakes won’t be as tragic. Or maybe they’ll be worse. The fact is nobody ever knows what happens or why.

If you don’t expect too much from me you might not be let down.