Stream of Consciousness: April 19, 2018


Where were we. Ah yes, motivation.

As we find our growing group of suitors deep in a foreboding forest under the watchful eye of Ujor, all monitored by the king Emota and his servant sorcerer Getroya, the Narrator, aka omniscient being previously known as Author, contemplates the benefits of sobriety. Something he does from time to time.

Considering it highly overrated for the task at hand, a walk had been planned to the nearest beer store conveniently located less than a mile away. As we have now returned to the task at hand, cold brews secure in the studio’s beer fridge, we update the current status of, well, the journey at hand.

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Stream of Consciousness: April 18, 2017

“The path is narrowing” said Adam. He was right. The path had never been wide, and the dense forest opened to clearings along the way. But there had been no clearing since the morning passed and the sun warmed the cold ground bringing about a thick fog that lingered in the trees. Now the fog gave way to a thickness in the air as humidity bore down on them like a pressure building. They moved ahead, pushing branches out of their way, more than once a branch whipped back out or control striking a face.

This was far from the placid forest they had envisioned. The foliage of the tree cover hid the thick and densely dark interior. Their aching legs labored to move one foot in front of the other. At times ankle-deep mud caused slips and falls to their already torn and sore legs. Exhaustion grew with every hard-fought step, there could be no rest here, the mud was everywhere, they pressed on. Continue reading “Stream of Consciousness: April 18, 2017”

Stream of Consciousness: April 16, 2018-0


Getyora looked across the table at King Emota “My Lord, the woman is strong, she has dispelled the Hourons. They have fled before her.”

“Yes Getyora, I see that very clearly. Give me some information I do not know you old fool.” King Emota watched as the cloud of Hourons fled to the sky in fear of Sarah’s powers. The two of them had watched the attack unfold in the seeing room, Getyora summoning the King when outer ring sentinels detected them entering the valley. Continue reading “Stream of Consciousness: April 16, 2018-0”

Stream of Consciousness: April 14, 2018 – 0

“I have to say Sarah, that was a very good dinner. I can’t remember when I ate such a good meal.” said Ujor.

Sarah didn’t say much. She looked at Adam sitting there with his bruised neck. Seth had been right in many ways. But what he didn’t seem to understand is that if it were not for Adam, neither of them would be in this world anyway. It was better she thought, that they have the possibilities that this life brings than the darkness they had known in Adam’s mind. Continue reading “Stream of Consciousness: April 14, 2018 – 0”

Stream of Consciousness: April 13, 2018

Courtesy Nicki Dugan PougeText">

“The valley looks so peaceful, how could it be a place of danger?” Sara asked Ujor.

“Looks can be deceiving.” Said Ujor “The valley rings the king’s castle. In it the guardian army’s of the king, the soldiers of the dead, damned of the underworld. To cross into the valley is to ask for death, the soldiers serve the king well, in return they are allowed to do what evil they wish to all living things in the valley. The peacefulness you see hides the pain and suffering of the souls that live there, trapped and tortured, captive to the kings beast, servants to their bidding, food for their table. Those who enter do so with great peril that they too will become captives of the beast, forever to serve them in torment and pain.” Continue reading “Stream of Consciousness: April 13, 2018”

Stream of Consciousness: April 12, 2018-0

While the horseman approaches our trio, let’s take a moment to reconsider the initial conundrum that got us all here. Words, or more specifically the lack thereof, and if the words don’t start flowing here soon our journey will be ending much sooner than had originally been planned.

Imagine you are sitting on your living room sofa shortly after realizing you have a trio of characters sleeping under some tree in the foot hills of a valley with a mysterious horseman headed their way. And then, the metaphor you have been so cleverly working with turns its ugly head. Rears back on its haunches, and POOF! The penultimate existential crisis, no motivation. Continue reading “Stream of Consciousness: April 12, 2018-0”

Stream of Consciousness April 11, 2018

Earth and stone made up the Labyrinth’s center, quite unlike the polished walls of the passages they had passed through. It was a great dome, the surfaces rough and rich with crevasses and outcroppings. Along the perimeter evenly spaced openings opened into the maze, one of which lay behind the trio, the one from which they had emerged.

At the top of the great dome, far above the chamber’s floor, a circular opening allowed a small glimpse of a world outside. The trio had found the source of the wailing howls that haunted their ears, in the center of the dome was chained the Minotaur. The howls had been absent as they entered the chamber, the reason apparent as they looked on the beast. Continue reading “Stream of Consciousness April 11, 2018”

Stream of Consciousness: April 10, 2018-0

Seth took the lead, still bathed in Sarah’s light he could see a few feet in front of the group. The trio traveled in the passages encased in a bubble of light. The maze closed in around them, suffocating smallness. In places the roof tapered low allowing them only to pass if they stooped, forcing them to walk this way for hundreds of yards. Their backs throbbed from the effort. At one point they had crawled through the smallest of passages on their knees, rubbing them raw and bloody. Continue reading “Stream of Consciousness: April 10, 2018-0”

Stream of Consciousness: April 9, 2018-0

The two humans stood there as he opened his eyes, they had been standing there all night staring at him. Adam didn’t know it though until he opened his eyes in the morning.

His eyes didn’t open all at once, they cracked slightly letting in shafts of the morning sun. Two human forms, brightly outlined human against the sun in his eyes, stood at his feet. He shot off the bed of ferns like a cat jumping for safety to a tree. What came from his mouth wasn’t language in words as such, but more guttural; fear. Continue reading “Stream of Consciousness: April 9, 2018-0”

Stream of Consciousness: April 8, 2018-0

Adam had been walking the path for hours in the afternoon sun. Hot, sweaty, dirty and tired, he welcomed evening’s approach and some well-earned rest. As he crested a ridge, the path’s fork he expected appeared just ahead down the ridge.

“What am I thinking” Adam muttered to himself. “What’s next.”

Plodding along, Adam plopped one dusty foot in front of the other with some gravity assist. He was ready to take a break. “Some hero am I.” He said. Continue reading “Stream of Consciousness: April 8, 2018-0”